On The Other Side Of Fear Lies Freedom

Most of the time, everything we want is on the other side of fear, but many are brought to a standstill by the risk of the unknown to reach desires. Once we decide to face our fears, we then find out that there lies freedom. Yet, countless people are still afraid to take a leap despite the possible rewards.

Why? Is it the risk to get out there to live your dreams and fail? Do you believe you do not have enough faith in your abilities? Are you thinking you would lose all you have if you jump into the unknown?

Well, like in anything, there is always a risk; that is life. But if you will never try, you will never know. And if you do have dreams, then everything you have now means that you want more out of life and that those desires are on the other side of fear.

First and foremost, you need to be committed to the journey of finding what lies on the other side of your fears. Yes, it is true; there is no map for it but is there any for your current existence? So it is about having the faith to leap and walk towards your dreams despite the fear, the doubts, or the pain, you may encounter.

I understand that many of you out there are dealing with some challenging times at the current moment. I also realize how difficult it is to keep believing when the blows are flying your way or coming harshly. And I know how it feels when you struggle just to keep your head above water.

As the same time, what is on the other side of fear is only a vague understanding that holds you back and the reason for being unable to reach your full potential. And yes, it is effortless to tell yourself or imagine the person you want who is happy, loving and successful but you have to walk the talk. Yet, you know that wanting, wishing, and thinking is not the same as doing and becoming.

Your Worst Enemy Is Not Fear
You are your own worst enemy! The reason is simple. You refuse to take your situation into your own hands, yet you complain about wanting more, about the lack of abundance or the unhappiness that is in your life. But you would be amazed if you realize that you are the only one that has your destiny in your hands. Not some divine being but you, and only You!

God or any divine being you believe in are not going to bring you on the other side of fear to things you want while you are sitting on your couch. You still have to take action for things to happen. So understand that fear is a natural part of life. Many of your fears have their roots in your childhood and the way you have been brought up. However, you often hide your fears deep within you and avoid facing them.

Furthermore, you even ignore the origin of these fears, so much so, that they end up haunting you at times when you are an adult. We have all spent time in our lives being afraid. It might be the fear of surrender, the fear of losing control or just pretend to be someone you are not.

To get on the other side of fear, you might have to overcome crippling anxieties that prevent you from moving on in your life. You need to realize that you cannot have it all figured out. There is a long road ahead of you. I do not believe that the ride ever actually ends.

Pursue by Facing Your Fears
So, now is the time to wake up and master your emotions. It does not matter if you have to pursue by facing your fears to find out what is waiting on the other side. You have to go forward. I can say that I have spent years going forward onto the side of fear by many of the circumstances I had in my life. In smaller or larger respects, you do it.

You cannot blame circumstances or events for your discontent or your lack of success. That is an easy way out. Are you lying to yourself so you can feel better? Do you tell yourself that it is not your fault, but that it is ‘life’ that sucks? Get real; you lie to yourself for one unique reason, and it is fear.

It is the terror of telling, having or accepting the truth. You fear the need to be truthful to yourself. The actual reason being that you may have to look in the mirror rather than pointing the finger. Fear and doubt are the biggest killers of any dreams. In any case, all that you want is on the other side of fear. The defying challenge is to let go and face your uncertainties.

The list of doubts goes on and touches any aspect of your life. It can be personal, emotional, professional, physical and even mental. You might fear to be alone, yet you fear to fall for someone. Furthermore, you might be afraid failing, yet in the same way, you are afraid of being successful. And you are scared of change, yet you dislike your life at the present moment.

Freedom Lies on the Other Side of Fear
Of course, change can be terrifying. You cannot precisely know what could happen if you walk forth and set foot into the unknown. Uncertainties can be compelling and scary stuff that makes you question yourself, your choices and your desires. However, part of the process in life’s journey is to be open to the out of the box experience of what is on other side of uncertainty.

Just remember that there is an equal balance of all things in this world. When doubt touches you, you have the belief to overcome it. When pain strikes you, you get the strength to endure it. And when fear hits you, you receive love to dissipate it. All you have to do is not giving up. You can always reach to the other side of all that life throws at you.

“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.” – Marilyn Ferguson

You have to gradually change your way of thinking and dealing with obstacles and situations. I mean you need to take life into your own hands and never rely on someone else to make you happy. And you have to focus on you because freedom lies on the other side of what you fear and where you least expected. Believe that freedom is a choice and everything else falls into place.

Let Fear Make You Stronger
No doubt that life can throw some painful stuff your way. But when it happens, choose to be stronger. Take a break when you have to, you are not a machine. Make the time to figure out the situation. However, do not let uncertainty, sorrow or pain break you. And do not let doubts push your dreams away.

At any rate, do not allow fear to dictate the route you want. Let it make you stronger by keeping yourself focused on your visions and objectives. You have to get out of the box, set your sails, trust in the direction you take, get the courage to leave the shore, and adjust the sails as you go along. I know you can do this.

Remind yourself that whatever you desire in life is out there, on the other side of fear. Whatever it is, it is all within your reach. Face your fears head on and let them build you. As soon as you realize your fears, you can end their capacities to control your existence, this way uncovering your best life ever.

I am a huge proponent of doing things you are afraid of and a firm believer that people should always keep on learning, improve and grow, at least until the day we die.

Traveling on the Other Side of Fear
In any event, I am not going to lie to you. It will not always be easy to follow your heart, pursue your dreams and travel on the other side of fear; surely when you have other things happening in your life. It is not easy to keep going when it looks like the waves are coming at you.

However, you have to understand that the mountains you are facing are mostly in your mind. Once you begin the climb, you may be surprised and see that they are not as big as you thought they were. As far as I know, no problem in life is impossible to overcome.

In understanding this, it will keep you from losing yourself in whatever is storming in and around you. I have never seen a storm that lasted forever, so when you to take a step on the other side of fear, know that everything is going to be okay.

In conclusion, when you first leave the shore, there is a little bit of uneasiness and awkwardness, but you learn how to deal with it. So the next time in your life you are getting a choice between a thing you are scared of and a thing that is in your zone of comfort, I hope you choose the other side of fear because it is a larger treasure than anything you will ever know.